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Heritage Day Brubaker Park 2023

The Pathways Heritage Committee, Lancaster County, PA
October 21, 2023

Dave Culp & Rick Jacob Set Up

For the past three years the 69th has played a role in the annual Pathways Heritage Day in Lancaster County. A traditional old fashioned local event with blacksmiths; pie & cake stands; county auctions and large numbers of Rev War and Native American participants is always a fun event for the 69th members who attend. Traditionally our active members who live in central Pa (Harrisburg, Lancaster County and Reading areas) provide a Civil War flavor to the event.

Dave Ashcroft Explains Goals

This year Adjutant Don Ernsberger drove out Friday night to help Quarter Master Sergeant Dave Ashcroft set up camp to provide information services to the expected hundreds of visitors as well as sales of 69th shirts and books and music CD’s. In addition a “Cadet training program” has always been a popular element of our location. With the arrival Saturday AM of Rick & Ricky Jacobs and their traveling Civil War artifacts display as well as our long time comrade Dave Culp with his student training drill rifles the show was about to begin.

Student Drill

69th ladies Andrea Ashcroft and Michele Velas arrived to take on the task of selling shirts and answering questions from visitors. Despite a rainy Friday night the Saturday event was sunny and pleasant with record attendance. Hundreds of visitor roamed through the sea of tents and booths. Over 150 youngsters participated in “Cadet Training” and hundreds of visitors stopped by the information and sale tables.

Our Ladies

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